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Welcome to the future of finances.

At MONEY UP we are bridging the gap from collection agency to consumer. Financial Intelligence will give your clients an experience of money like they’ve never had before. Get ready for an exciting new way to recover on debts. Our user first approach helps guide and motivate collection recovery, providing the modern recovery solutions you need. Welcome to tomorrow! 

Experience Money Better


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Business Solutions

Collection Agency Solutions

Collection Agency Solutions

Collection Solutions

We offer customized services hand crafted for each of our clients. Collections can be challenging for the agency’s to collect upon. Through our services you can see increased revenues and profit margins while satisfying the needs of your consumers more efficiently!

Consumer Solutions

Consumer Solutions

Consumer Solutions

We offer an incredible new way to increase your credit scores, manage your finances and reach your dreams! Our APP will be available soon in the APP stores. We have some awesome solutions to repair your credit, get out of debt and better your finances!

Partner Solutions

Partner Solutions

Partner Solutions

We offer exceptional services and products for all our valued partnerships. Our A.I. Technology platforms helps streamline processes, consumer engagement while keeping costs low and profits high. Find out how a Money Up partnership can work for you!


Money Up



At Money Up, there is a better way!

We are bridging the gap from collection agency to consumer in a revolutionary way! We focus on innovation, excellence and quality in everything we do so you can have the very best in everything you do. Call us today to get started on your FREE Strategy Consultation!


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"The new Money is Up."

— Brian Marais CEO

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Is your financial freedom. We are bringing you the very best quality and innovation in everything we create. Giving you the freedom to dream bigger, live greater and experience money better.



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